Edition 2021

Hvdv 2021 algemeen beeld

The Henry van de Velde Awards showcases projects, products and services that demonstrate the added value of design in its most varied aspects. The jury selected 17 winners from 198 submissions in seven categories. The jury has selected one Gold Award winner per category along with the Lifetime Achievement, the Company, Young Talent and the Ecodesign by OVAM Awards. The public also participates in the selection and was able to vote for one of the 17 winners to decide the Public Award winner. Below is a list of all 12 Gold Award winners.


Gold winners
Ecodesign by OVAM award 2021
Bureau BoschBerg_Foto: Sanne Delcroix
Young Talent Award 2021
Novy headquarters, recently renovated
Company Award 2021
Portrait Ann Demeulemeester - photo: Victor Robyn
Lifetime Achievement Award 2021
Ellio Elite
Public Award 2021
Business Innovation Award 2021
Climate Challenge Award by VMM 2021
Consumer Award 2021
Crafts by Bokrijk Award 2021
Digital Product Award 2021
Graphic & Communication Award 2021
Habitat Award 2021
VLAS, Anita Kars voor Casalis


Bert Jacobs/Studio Dott. Aloxy Pulse

Aloxy Pulse

Studio AMA Soraya Wancour sweater BRAVO foto door Katty Vankerkhove copyright Studio AMA

Studio AMA

david dos santos. NOBI. david dos santos. david dos santos


Ontwerp Ben Hagenaars in opdracht van Z33, POM Limburg en UCLL

Circle Sector

Smappee. Smappee EV Base II, Studio Fables, Smappee

Smappee EV Base

Wijze weetjes

Wijze Weetjes

Achilles Design - Ellio- © Achilles Design - 01

Ellio Elite

lopos / pilipili. SafeDistance, pilipili, lopos

Lopos SafeDistance

Leap Forward, Slim Naar Antwerpen, Stad Antwerpen

Smart Ways to Antwerp

Bram Kerkhofs, Me&er_constr_detail, Bram Kerkhofs


Ronny en Johny

HORST Arts and Music Festival

Margot Thyssen, LYNE, Margot Thyssen, Margot Thyssen


BC Materials. Showroom in leempleister met samples van BC Materials, Kaatje Verschoren, Kaatje Verschoren en BC Materials

BC materials

Vlasvezel viool door Tim Duerinck. Foto door Tim Duerinck. Copyright Tim Duerinck


Corbin Mahieu & Lennart Van den Bossche, Pilar Identity, copyright Corbin Mahieu, Folders

PILAR Identity and communication

Les Monseigneurs, René Schepers, DX50 Kortrijk