Les Monseigneurs
Verilin nv
300x300x0.5cm afhankelijk van toepassing
Linen, flax, wool
Jacquard weaving
Partly by hand, partly industrial

What is a tapestry today, and how could it be relevant?

Today’s living spaces need a modular system and have to satisfy many requirements. Modularity is one of the needs to which Caméléon responds.

Caméléon is a series of graphic designs created from natural shapes, translated into woven textile. The linen tapestries are produced to serve as a tapestry (of course), but can also be used as a curtain, screen or rug, thanks to their multifunctional, local and durable yarn. The tapestries are numbered pièces uniques and are timeless in terms of their image and multifunctional application. Depending on the application and ambiance, a deliberate choice is made regarding the right raw materials, but from those that are available. The visual language is inspired by the fascinating history of Amish quilts, in which colour, pattern and geometrical proportions are mutually reinforcing.

Caméléon is the story of Les Monseigneurs and Verilin, which combines authentic craftsmanship, natural materials and local production with technological innovation. The unique character of Caméléon is only possible thanks to the open mind, the high level of craftsmanship and especially the innovative technological possibilities within the production unit. The company strives for the highest quality and aesthetic standards for all the products it custom designs, produces and processes.

Graphic design and textile design are also explored at great lengths at Les Monseigneurs. Each product is unique: Les Monseigneurs invariably seek the right effects to add value to yarn that risks being rejected or even devalued.