These are the 2020 categories

Publiek bij de Henry van de Velde Awards 19. Foto Fille Roelants Photography

Every year, we evaluate the Henry van de Velde Award categories. Are all the aspects of design represented, do they show the largeness of the sector, will the excellence of design be clear based on the categories? The result: you can register your product, service or project for 2020 in 7 categories. Some designs can be relevant in several categories. Just explain the relevance per categorie. The jury makes the final decision in which categorie the design will be placed. 


the Edition 2020 categories


Can I buy this catalogue?

Catalogus Henry van de Velde Awards 19

Yes, of course! It's for sale in the bookshop at BOZAR, Brussels, until the end of the exhibition. If that proves to be difficult, you can buy it online. Just order here and internet will work its magic.

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The public has voted

Image from the exhibition Henry van de Velde Awards 17. photo: Fille Roelants

This is it, the public has made his vote. It is time to count, to order the right trophee and to prepare the award ceremony on 29 January in BOZAR, Brussels.

It goes without saying that you are most welcome at the award ceremony. We start at 8 PM with the Henry van de Velde Gold Awards in the Henry Le Boeuf hall. At 9.30 PM, the exhibition is openend in the Foyers and a reception will be held in the Horta hall. Click here to register.