What does an award get you exactly?

You still have a very short time to register and be in with a chance of winning a Henry van de Velde Gold, Silver or Bronze Award! Would you like to stand on the podium in Bozar next year as the winner, because you realised an innovative and pioneering project last year? Still in doubt? Then we would like to convince you.

If you are one of the winners, then:

  1. You win the design award in Belgium, which puts you on the radar.

  2. You receive recognition, both within the sector and far beyond. You get extra attention through press, social media, the website and publication.

  3. Your work has a chance of winning the Public Award, which can be voted for online. So you might go viral...

  4. Your work will be included in the publication.

  5. You will be part of a series of activities.
  6. You will get a video in which your winning project will be presented.
  7. You will receive a communication kit with which you can use the award in your own communication.

  8. You will be invited to the exclusive winners dinner, where you can expand your network.

  9. You are invited together with your colleagues to the award ceremony in Bozar, the design moment of the year in Belgium.

  10. You will receive a certificate and, as Gold Winner, a beautiful trophy.

  11. And last but not least: registration is free!

You can register your project as a designer, design agency, company or client within these categories: Business Innovation, Consumer, Crafts, Design Research, Digital Product, Environment, Graphics, Habitat and Spaces.