Lopos SafeDistance

Pilipili Productdesign & Engineering
9,5 x 4,8 x 1,8 cm
Injection molding
What distance must colleagues maintain from one another when working to respect one and a half metres even while moving around?

When working, it is often difficult to accurately estimate the distance and respect it to guarantee everyone’s safety. However, with SafeDistance by Lopos, a spin-off from Imec and Ghent University, it becomes child’s play. The wearable automatically measures and reports the distance between employees and alerts them when the required distance is not respected. SafeDistance is a small, lightweight and wearable device that measures the intermediate space in real time to another SafeDistance sensor. As soon as the pre-configured diameter of one and a half metres is not respected, the wearable emits an audible and vibrating alarm and an LED illuminates to warn you to increase your distance. The ultra wideband technology ensures accurate measurements, without needing to save location or personal data. SafeDistance is now used all over the world, by small SMEs as well as large Fortune 1000 companies.