Circle Sector

LUCA School Of Arts, Onderzoeksgroep Interactions (o.l.v. Ben Hagenaars)
Circle Sector is a living lab for the circular economy, consisting of a resource map, a lab and a studio linked to the LUCA School of Arts in Genk.

The resource map documents materials, expertise and infrastructure for establishing circular ecosystems. Prototypes of circular products, services and systems are designed in the lab. The prototypes are tested and evaluated in the studio and are subsequently implemented in association with citizens, businesses and policy.

Circle Sector aims to set up circular ecosystems that connect available materials, expertise and infrastructure at the regional level. It represents a sustainable alternative to the globalised system of manufacturing and consumption that is inextricably linked to global warming and subject to economic change. Circle Sector assumes an inclusive approach in which not only people are key to the design process but also the broader context in which products are designed, made and used.

Circle Sector developed a specific design method for setting up ecosystems on a regional scale. The method follows an iterative process of mapping (Map), prototyping (Lab) and piloting (Studio).

Circle Sector developed a circular passport that identifies materials, expertise and infrastructure and visually maps out raw materials on a resource map. The resource map literally documents the raw materials that can be used to develop a circular ecosystem.

Circle Sector is also used as a digital knowledge platform: all prototypes, tools and strategies developed as part of Circle Sector are shared so that other designers, local authorities, businesses and citizens can adopt them. In this way, Circle Sector aims to grow into a knowledge network on a European scale.

Supported by: OVAM, the City of Genk, Stebo.