Buzziscreen, Adriaenssens Sas, Tecnospace
Buzziscreen is an acoustically absorbent and through the use of zips, an infinitely expandable screen. The combination of a lightweight product and easy adaptability makes Buzziscreen a perfect space divider.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2009

Editie 2009

Buzziscreen (2007|2008)

Room screen


Design  Sas Adriaenssens


Company  TecnoSpace



Eco-felt (exterior),

biodegradable honeycomb

cardboard (interior structure)

H150/200 x W80 x D2,5 cm

The screen is handmade and consists of a honeycomb interior made from biodegradable cardboard covered in a felt skin, made from recycled PET bottles. The industrial processing of PET waste into felt is conducted in an environmentally sound manner. Transforming the felt into the finished product is done by hand on sewing machines. In this way, the screen contributes to the future of the planet.