Smappee - Product on the market

Smappee - Product on the market

By keeping an eye on their energy usage, consumers can reduce their consumption by up to 12%. Reducing the amount of energy used has a very favourable effect on the environment.

Ecodesign Award PRO by OVAM 2014

Edition 2014


Smart electricity monitor

with App


Design Smappee Team 

in collaboration with pilipili


Bedrijf Smappee NV


16×10×3,5 cm

Smappee is a user-friendly energy meter which allows consumers not only to monitor their energy consumption but also to fine-tune it. Users get to see which of their appliances use the most electricity and how much power they use on standby. Individual appliances can also be switched on and off remotely.

Smappee consists of a measuring unit and an app for the smartphone (iOS and Android). The measuring unit has a power clip that attaches to the insulated main cable between the meter and the fuse box. The appliance is capable of recognising certain consumption patterns of appliances. The app offers the possibility of monitoring and analysing energy consumption. The device is adaptable for use with three-phase systems and systems with solar panels.