Smappee Team & Pilipili
Smappee NV
16×10×3,5 cm

Smappee is an energy buddy which offers you detailed insight into your energy consumption using a measuring point close to your meter box and an App for iOS or Android.

Smappee is easy to install. The supplied current clamp is clipped to the main wire running between the meter box and the fuse box, and the Smappee can be hung nearby.

Smappee does much more than existing energy meters. The device is capable of recognising certain consumption patterns of appliances. The App assigns these appliances their own DNA, and can be used to monitor energy consumption, duration of usage and the associated costs. This enables you to identify the largest consumers of energy quickly and easily, and it also gives you an idea of your standby power consumption.

You can switch appliances on or off remotely with the comfort plug, a wireless adapter, which renders the biggest environmental impact. According to research, the monitoring of energy consumption reduces this consumption by 12%. Three-phase and solar panel consumption can also be measured.


The casing is made of fully recyclable plastics. The designers avoided additional parts by using translucent materials. The top is white so the glow of the indicator LEDS can be seen. This gives the user feedback on the status of the appliance and also serves as an aesthetic design feature. Its size was kept as small as possible and the absence of screws ensures easy assembly and disassembly. The monitor is available online and in European Apple Stores. A video on the Smappee site demonstrates how to use the device.

The Smappee is also being honoured with the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO this year as a ‘product on the market’.