The family firm of BULO was founded in 1963, and since then has grown into a company of international recognition and reputation, making it a front runner in today's office landscape.  The company is based in Mechelen, where commercialisation and manufacture as well as design are accommodated. 

By Inge Vranken
Desk M2/M. Design Bulo, 100 x 100 cm © Bart Van Leuven
Desk M2/M. Design Bulo, 100 x 100 cm © Bart Van Leuven

An exhibition area of 7500 m² houses a contemporary architectural display of desk-systems, seating furniture and fitted utilities. BULO has branches in increasing numbers of European cities.

lts strength lies, in particular, in the fact that it offers renowned designers and architects the opportunity to stamp their mark on the contemporary office world. The BULO label stands not just for high technical quality, it is also synonymous with contemporary design.

The company has its own department of product developers. lts latest office concept, M2 (with 1 x 1 metre worktop) offers an answer to the fundamental shifts of emphasis that have been taking place in office work. M2 no longer consigns the computer to the periphery of the desktop, but place it centrally.

Questioning existing attitudes and visions is their greatest consideration. Taking new roads is their motto.

In the Carte Blanche series, Bulo has given a free hand to a number of Belgian and international artists and architects, such as Jean Nouvel, bOb Van Reeth, and Ann Demeulemeester to design an item of office furniture.

An in-house graphics department is responsible for the consistent application of the red, black and white logo and ensures that the house style is applied correctly in brochures, advertisements, trade-fair stands etc. Bulo is well known as a strong company with a strong image: there are few people to whom the black vans with the Bulo legend are not familiar.