Architecture is our profession, light our tool, the eyes of the spectator our medium.

By Arch. Jan H. Van Lierde, manager Kreon

lndeed, as producers of integrated lighting systems, we did not want to limit ourselves to the composition of a series of formative lighting elements. We were far more interested in the combination of hardware and software. The ever fascinating dialogues with designers of buildings and interiors have led us to take a conceptual view of lighting.

Our target market is the world of architecture. Over the years, a series of appliances have been created which can be integrated in their environment in a very modest way without really wanting to catch the eye. The use of glass, stainless steel, aluminium and silver-coloured metal adds to the timeless nature of these products. Their design refers to archaic models and contributes to a constant harmonious effect. 

From the very start, the international nature of our company has presented quite a challenge to our staff. Our presence on international stages has resulted in the fact that today, we can boost of references from over 40 countries. The friendship which has grown between our staff and an extensive range of clients, serves as a daily source of energy to extend our ever more powerful company culture. We see our future particularly in an extension of our services. Thus, new conceptual solutions will be found for more extensive forms of building elements which incorporate more complex disciplines. Moreover, the use of daylight will become an important catalyst for a series of energy-saving and environment-friendly building elements. Besides, in our new development centre a place has now been reserved for interactive product development in direct consultation with our client.

lt is a splendid job to bring a colourful range of suppliers, customers and collaborators together into a harmonious whole. We hope that our products are a good reflection of this.