RainsOptics Fundus Link

Studio Dott
C-MER RainsOptics
220 x 210 x 115 mm
plastic casing, high-quality glass lenses, rubber adapter
injection moulding, connectivity with Bluetooth, rechargeable lithium-ion battery via USB-C, software application

RainsOptics Fundus Link is a medical device that uses a smartphone to examine the retina of the eye.

RainsOptics Fundus Link is a medical device that a doctor uses to examine the retina in an accessible, smart, and user-friendly way. Thanks to the use of high-quality camera technology in a smartphone and a set-up of lenses, the threshold for eye examination is lowered and the throughput time is accelerated. The software application allows the images to be easily stored and shared in the patient file.

The jury on RainsOptics Fundus Link:

Cleverly combining an optical measuring unit with a smartphone means the medical diagnosis of the retina becomes easier and more widely usable. The optimal combination of the potential of the smartphone with a simple click-on guarantees a reliable diagnosis, linked to the patient file in a cost-efficient manner. The whole thing is simple and convenient to operate.
RainsOptics Fundus Link

How did the idea for this project come about?

RainsOptics is a medical R&D company based in Hong Kong. Its aim is to translate complex medical devices for optical examinations into simple, affordable tools to lower the threshold to eye examination and shorten the throughput time. And it does it by using technology that almost everybody works with: smartphones. Screen, camera and computing power: check. Add a lens adapter and an application and you get a reliable and affordable ophthalmoscope. To make the step from prototype to product, RainsOptics called on Studio Dott.

What makes your project so special?

The transition from prototype to product took place in a cross-disciplinary manner. That way, we aligned the physical and digital user experience, making the device really handy. Quite literally, as you only need one hand to operate it, because feedback from doctors showed that when they’re taking measurements they usually only have one hand free to operate a device, an aspect that RainsOptics had not initially anticipated. We changed the layout of the technical components for an ergonomic grip and placed the crucial functions in the app within thumb range. At the touch of a button, an enlarged image of the retina is created and added directly to the patient’s digital file.

How does it contribute to a better world?

Until recently, accurate eye examinations were only possible with expensive and bulky medical devices. The Fundus Link changes this. Using high-quality cameras in smartphones and advanced lens technology, the device can produce reliable and clinically valuable images. This makes eye examinations portable, accessible and affordable.

RainsOptics Fundus Link