MyGrid ModuleOne

Roel Heyninck
45 x 20 x 20 cm
aluminium, plastic
injection moulding, extrusion

MyGrid ModuleOne™ is a plug-and-play home battery solution.

MyGrid ModuleOne was developed to meet the demand for a smart, bi-directional home battery that was more accessible for consumers both financially and practically. Thanks to the app, the device is easy to operate as a plug-and-play solution that you can take anywhere, in order to be energy-independent. In addition, you gain a better understanding of your energy consumption and can save costs by storing energy when it’s cheap and using it when the price is high.

The jury on MyGrid ModuleOne™:

The energy crisis is a reality we cannot ignore. We all depend on energy suppliers that determine many aspects for us. ModuleOne helps you purchase energy when it’s cheapest and then use it in the space where you need it. This highly functional object really stands out thanks to its design. 
MyGrid ModuleOne™

How did the idea for this project come about?

In my apartment in Brussels, I became aware of the restrictions many city dwellers face when trying to access sustainable energy solutions. Traditional methods such as solar panels or large home batteries are often not feasible in an urban environment where space is limited. This awareness led to the development of the ModuleOne, a compact, plug-and-play home battery that can be easily integrated into any household, whether it is an apartment or a detached home. By combining this hardware with a mobile application and a cloud platform, we created the MyGrid ecosystem as an all-encompassing solution for both urban and rural users.

What makes your project so special?

What makes MyGrid unique is the holistic approach to energy management through three components: a user-friendly home battery, a mobile app and a cloud platform. Our ModuleOne battery is plug-and-play and fits into a regular socket, making installation simple. This makes the energy transition accessible for everyone, not just people with technical know-how or deep pockets. In addition, we offer advanced services such as dynamic pricing and peer-to-peer energy trading, which are normally only available for large-scale systems. This makes sustainable energy and advanced energy management available to the masses. This not only boosts energy efficiency, but also the use of renewable sources. This has the potential to stabilise the energy network as a whole and reduce CO2 emissions. That way, everyone can contribute to a more sustainable and responsible world.

Do you have any further plans for this project?

We have ambitious plans for the further development of MyGrid. One of our priorities is to expand the functionalities of our mobile app and cloud platform to offer even more advanced services, such as AI-driven energy management options and real-time analytics. There are also plans to expand internationally and enter new markets. This will probably start within the European Union and be extended to other regions later. In the longer term, we want to work with energy suppliers and governments to accelerate the implementation of sustainable energy solutions. The ultimate goal is to make MyGrid a leading player in the global energy transition.