URA - Yves Malysse Kiki Verbeeck
Stad Gent, dienst Cultuur
Dejardin bv
484 x 235 x 3.100 mm
15 mm steel sheet

LL102 is an artistic integration into the pedestrian tunnel under the railway in Ledeberg.

LL102 is an artistic integration into the pedestrian tunnel under the railway in Ledeberg. The view through the tunnel is formed by the atypical movement through the tunnel. The project seeks to intensify this movement by properly accentuating the entrances. By installing a steel structure that engages with the existing perspective, visibility is more clearly defined. The daily use of the tunnel is therefore made more pleasant for local residents.

The jury on LL102:

This roof shows how you can achieve a great effect with not much material and a minor intervention. It is a historically difficult and low passage, but one that is in frequent use. Its weaknesses have been playfully turned into a strength. Walking through the funnel becomes an adventure, an experience you look forward to. 
LL102 © Filip Dujardin

What does this award mean to you?

An architect is a designer, but also a graphic designer and an artist. In the tradition of grandmaster Henry van de Velde himself, URA designed a structure that influences and facilitates the daily lives of the residents around Frans De Coninckstraat, making them more beautiful. It’s an overall approach that, both functionally and aesthetically, seeks that one unique solution. We know that this project made us an outsider when it came to selection, but we think it is important to send the signal that architects must focus on improving the daily use of public space in cities. Like Henry van de Velde, we want to apply all disciplines to create a better, more beautiful world. 

How did the idea for this project come about?

In 2007, URA conducted a manifest study of the daily use of public space. For that study, we walked around the city; as we looked around we found little everyday annoyances in the city's public space. We then tackled those and improved them. This resulted in the publication BXL100, which was distributed to residents and the government in 10,000 copies. The study resulted in various projects, which we like to call installations, that make life more pleasant. In Ledeberg there was a call for an improvement in the daily use of public space. We subsequently designed two installations, including LL102, with LL standing for Ledeberg Leeft.

How does it contribute to a better world?

We strongly believe in making the world better, more beautiful and more enjoyable, especially through architectural and art interventions in public spaces. Good design is always desirable. The result of a successful intervention in a public space is like a good door knob, or a knife that sits comfortably in your hand, or a seat that adapts to everyday use. A visible invisible sigh in the daily life of the Ghent locals.