Fairbuds XL

Studio Dott
190 x 180 x 70 mm / 330g
headphones: 100% recycled aluminium, more than 80% recycled plastic / ear pads and headband: vegan leather / electronic components: 100% Fairtrade gold / packaging: recycled cardboard / pouch: 100% recycled material
digital hybrid active noise cancelling thanks to six integrated microphones, replaceable rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 30 hours, possibility of wired use, works even when the headphone battery is flat

Fairbuds XL are modular, sustainable noise-cancelling headphones.

Fairbuds XL are modular noise-cancelling headphones designed to last a lifetime. The user can easily replace all of the parts if necessary, from the headband and pads to the audio components. The device has physical buttons for intuitive operation and folds down for compact storage. The Fairbuds XL are fairly produced with recycled materials and are now also e-waste neutral.

The jury on Fairbuds XL:

With the right choice of materials, modular construction and connection technology, Fairbuds XL offer an excellent starting point for repairing the device if necessary. All essential defective or worn parts can be replaced by the consumer themselves, greatly extending the potential lifetime of these headphones. The jury sees in this the consumer product of the future.
Fairbuds XL

What does this award mean to you?

Recognition from peers and professionals and a platform for sharing our impactful designs with a wider audience. We are really proud of this project, so yes, it’s a pleasure to share it. Design is a mix of passion, expertise and hard work, which is why we think it's important to celebrate our successes. It actually began with the submission of projects for the Henry van de Velde Awards. At that point we actually took the time to reflect on what we have achieved as a team in recent times. And then when the jury selected our entry, it was time to celebrate. 

What makes your project so special?

We deliver on all our tasks with equal enthusiasm, but being part of a project that delivers real change creates extra energy. Fairphone is a pioneer in sustainable electronics and, after ten years of experience in the smartphone segment, it expanded its focus to the audio market. Studio Dott was the external design partner for the development of the Fairbuds XL modular headphones. This is special, because all parts of the headphones are replaceable and thus reparable, meaning the headphones will last a lifetime. For us, this modularity was a wonderful design challenge. Together with Fairphone and Honsenn, the manufacturer and audio specialist, we have sought a balance between construction quality, aesthetics and ease of use.

How does it contribute to a better world?

The electronics industry is experiencing a make-use-dispose trend, so the problem of e-waste increases every year. Fairbuds XL are a high-quality and sustainable alternative in the audio market. With this product, Fairphone introduces a unique mix of responsibly sourced materials, better working conditions, reparability and environmental awareness and shows that things can be done differently in the segment. The headphones are made from recycled materials, and at the same time Fairphone is investing in compensation projects to further offset CO₂ emissions. The company is working with production partners to improve working conditions. Fairbuds XL are now also e-waste-neutral.