Axiles Bionics Lunaris

Achilles Design
Axiles Bionics
30 x 30 x 15 cm
aluminium, titanium, carbon fibre, TPE, ABS
CNC milling, 3D printing, injection moulding

Axiles Bionics Lunaris is an ankle foot prosthesis that mimics the movements of the ankle and foot.

Axiles Bionics Lunaris is an innovative and mechanical solution that mimics precisely the movements of the ankle and foot. This brings comfort and dynamics back into the lives of people with a prosthesis. Even uneven terrain and stairs are no longer obstacles. Inclusivity is also part of the specifications. By moving away from a traditional clinical and orthopaedic appearance, Lunaris aims to make a more human and emotional connection with its users.

The jury on Axiles Bionics Lunaris:

The design agency has succeeded in translating a product with a negative connotation into a very nice-looking high-tech joint. A combination of solutions in terms of biomechanics, material use and digital connectivity creates comfort and thus a higher level of acceptance among the user.
Axiles Bionics Lunaris

What does this award mean to you?

By the time new products become successful, designers and engineers are often already back behind the drawing board. Receiving a Henry van de Velde Award is a really nice recognition, highlighting designers’ role in the development of a product. It’s a surprise to us, and a fantastic one, that this type of product can win a design prize. This award affirms the exciting and excellent collaboration between two companies, Axiles Bionics and Achilles Design.

How did the idea for this project come about?

The idea of course originated with our client, Axiles Bionics. After the initial joint briefing, the direction in which the project could and should grow quickly became clear to us. We’re thrilled that we have been able to maintain this vision throughout the entire project.

What makes your project so special?

Mimicking a human foot with technology is an exceptionally complex task. Our respect for nature and man has only grown. The Lunaris is a pioneering new solution for an ankle foot prosthesis, in terms of mechanics and biomechanics as well as design. From the outset, this synergy between engineering and design was put forward as an important driver.