Archie is an app with booking system to operate an Archie charging station.

In the pursuit of more sustainable mobility, Archie offers a charging station solution for target groups in cities and terraced houses, who are often forgotten. The Archie charging station is connected to a low-threshold and user-friendly application. In addition to scheduling and monitoring your charging sessions, the app also contains a reservation system so that you can share your charging station with your neighbourhood. The charging station is designed to blend into the facade of your home and neatly bridge the footpath while charging. After charging, you simply fold the charger back in so that it doesn’t cause an obstacle. 

The jury on Archie:

Archie offers a smart, elegant, comfortable and conceptually new solution for a charging station that responds to the needs of an urban environment with terraced houses with little space in front of the door. With its support via the app, the concept capitalises on an important trend: the sharing economy. This makes charging stations accessible to an additional target group of users in the area.

What makes your project so special?

Archie solves a major and well-known problem in the world of electric charging. When Rudy Bonten, the ‘founding father’ of Archie, came to us asking whether we wanted to be the digital partner for his solution, our answer was ‘yes’, right away. Archie immediately ticked a series of boxes of interest to us: combining the physical and the digital and shaping that into an attractive and functional design were challenges that we enjoyed tackling. 

How does it contribute to a better world?

At Wisemen, we are happy to contribute to a more sustainable world and truly believe in the potential of green technology and sustainable mobility. We already have a few charging apps in our pocket, helping us to understand this world more and more. And through unique and innovative concepts such as Archie, it is also extremely interesting and challenging to solve the frustrations often still felt by users. We live in a fast-moving world, so any source of friction we can remove is a small victory in itself.

Do you have any further plans for this project?

There are many challenges in bringing a charging station to market, such as frequently changing legislation. To get a quick start, we first developed a basic version of the website, which contained a minimum of functionalities and information. Later, as the Archie story developed, we added more and more information, pages and visuals. We’ve also come up with a lot of ideas and features for the future, so Archie won’t be disappearing into the background any time soon. Archie is still young, and we’d like to see where the adventure takes us.