Pars Pro Toto
161,5 x 52,7 x 67,5 cm
VO coated and medically approved polyester, polyurethane and plastic, tungsten steel, glass, aluminium, zincor
Pressed polyester, reaction injection moulding, optical bonding, rapid tooling, milling, lasering, folding and welding

XEOS AURA 10 is a device for medical imaging of resected tissue during oncology surgery.


The XEOS AURA 10 makes high-resolution molecular imaging (PET-CT) available in the operating room during oncology surgery for the first time. The XEOS AURA 10 provides smarter and targeted imaging for surgeons to work more confidently in assessing the resected tissue. This makes it possible for the first time to obtain medical image quality within a few minutes in the operating theatre. It also reduces anaesthesia time for the patient and reduces the risk of post-operative complications. Furthermore, the XEOS AURA 10 is very compact, mobile and user-friendly thanks to Pars Pro Toto’s design. 

The jury on XEOS AURA 10:

“This medical device shows how design can bring simplicity and efficiency to a complex and demanding work environment.”

What does this award mean to you?

XEOS: This is a great recognition of the way in which we, as a start-up company, have succeeded in bringing complex medical imaging technology to the market in a new field of application. As a medtech company, we strive for excellence in all areas, and in the development process specific attention was paid to the design and user-friendliness of our product. Being given this award by a group of experts shows that we are succeeding in our goals.

What makes the project so special?

XEOS: We are the first company in the world to develop such a product. We get a lot of positive feedback about the possibilities that this can offer in numerous surgical applications. The product was developed in record time with a relatively small team of top people, supplemented by complementary partnerships with, among others, Pars Pro Toto. The medical world is highly regulated, often creating an enormous barrier for a start-up company to get products on the market. By making quality and traceability a priority from the very beginning of development, we have also been able to obtain the necessary approvals to enter the market.

How does it contribute to a better world?

XEOS: XEOS wants to make people’s lives better. With our pioneering intra-operative imaging, we are at the forefront of innovative surgical oncology. The XEOS technology aims to avoid re-operations after surgical removal of cancer by providing as much information as possible for the surgeon during the operation. By visualising specimens that have been resected during that operation and verifying that everything was indeed removed, re-operations can be avoided. This not only makes it possible to reduce healthcare costs, but above all ensures that cancer patients experience much less stress and psychological strain.