Studio Dott
22 x 6 x 249 cm
Folding, powder coating

Stroom is an aesthetically and intelligently designed cable tray system that conceals technical piping.


The Stroom cable tray system by Studio Dott brings together the best of all worlds. It is an aesthetic solution for concealing and integrating cables, which is both practical and affordable. The 360° rotating head offers interior designers complete freedom of design. The simplicity of the suspension system and only a single anchoring in the ceiling ensures quick and efficient installation and relocation.

The jury on Stroom:

“This product offers a two-in-one solution: a beautiful cable tray in which all technical cables can be stored out of sight, as well as lighting. In addition, the whole thing looks aesthetic, which is innovative in the cable tray sector.”

What does this award mean to you?

Studio Dott: As a design agency, it takes a long time to design and market something yourself. The process of achieving this is labour, time and budget intensive. Winning an award like this rewards those efforts even more. It confirms our expertise on the one hand and on the other, the added value that our products can have.

How did the idea for this project come about?

Studio Dott: The design was born out of my own frustration. When designing our own office building, we could not find a stylish solution for cable concealment on the market that was affordable. That is why we set to work on this ourselves, which resulted in Stroom. The design, as always, was made with different types of users in mind. Stroom gives the interior architect the freedom to conceal cables flexibly and aesthetically, the installer the convenience of a simple and quick installation and the customer an affordable, beautifully finished solution.