Frits Jeuris
Eden Design
16 mm (diameter)
CNC, anodising

°Plug is a modular tubular light fitting that can be infinitely varied.


°Plug, designed by Frits Jeuris for Eden Design, is a minimalist tubular light fitting that can be infinitely varied. The modular light line consists of tubes that form a lighting network. The name refers to a “jack plug”, an electrical connection that provides a simple linking principle. The idea arose from the concept of the Limburg mine shafts and the togetherness of the former miners. °Plug makes all conceivable connections possible in a grid with modules of fifteen centimetres or a multiple thereof.

The jury on °Plug:

“This lighting system is striking in its modesty, making it an excellent example of Belgian design.”

What does this award mean to you?

Frits Jeuris: It creates a moment to pay tribute, to thank Eden Design and the jury. In recent years, each cooperation has been a new learning experience time after time. People believing in you, that’s really priceless! The award feels like a way of thanking everyone.

How did the idea for this project come about?

Frits Jeuris: In 2020, I was a member of a group around the repurposing of the mine buildings in Beringen. Among other things, we spoke to several former miners during the process. Throughout their stories and anecdotes, the sense of togetherness was what they loved most. That was the impetus to think about a system where each component needs each other’s energy to work. So the design came from a story, not a question. It feels like it has a right to exist in a world that is already crowded.

How does it contribute to a better world?

Frits Jeuris: The light fitting is designed and made locally, contains minimal materials, is light and energy efficient, modular, reusable and recyclable. I personally see the world as a big bag of Lego bricks. With each new creation comes an extra brick. In this way, everything is constantly evolving.