Atrium Green
290 x 400 - 350 x 520 cm
Aluminium, bamboo, textile, plants/flowers/fruit
Extrusion, laser cutting, woven textiles
Partly by hand, partly industrial

MiaCabana is a modular expandable cabana, available as shelter and pergola.


The concept of the MiaCabana is based on a simple cabana consisting of (at least) two linked aluminium frames, two manually operated sun shades, a few bamboo canes and plants, flowers and fruit. The cabana, designed by iDNA for Atrium Green, is easy to install and modularly expandable. The MiaCabana is available as a shelter and pergola.

The jury on MiaCabana:

“The MiaCabana focuses on the growing importance of outdoor space. It is a simple product that is modular and customisable.”

How did the idea for this project come about?

iDNA: After 25 years of expertise in garden design, Atrium Green knows that Flemings are really attached to their gardens but... they prefer little or no maintenance, a cosy terrace, a little shade, a lot of sun and some flowers and a little fruit for the real enthusiast. Every customer has their wish list. Well, as a designer you’ll lie awake for 25 years thinking about that until you wake up one morning with the solution of theMiaCabana. With the team at iDNA, we have perfected this idea into a beautiful and simple product. 

How does it contribute to a better world?

iDNA: We are noticing that customers and friends immediately understand this product. It’s nice to hear how they have made room for their MiaCabana in the garden. Placing a MiaCabana in the grass - surrounded by a few flowers, plants and trees - gives not only a beautiful but also an ecological result. And so it contributes to a better world.

Do you have any further plans for this project?

iDNA: Atrium Green and iDNA have contractually undertaken to further develop MiaCabana with the same enthusiasm. The first ideas have already been launched: a bird house, beach bar, plants and vegetable greenhouse, chicken coop, etc. We are especially curious about the feedback we will receive after the announcement of this award.