Last Metal Standing

Mutant & nøcomputer

Last Metal Standing is a virtual moshpit that brought the metal community together online during the period of isolation.

Last Metal Standing
Last Metal Standing

Commissioned by StuBru, The Last Metal Standing was developed by Mutant and nøcomputer as a digital alternative to metal gatherings that were not able to take place due to the coronavirus. More than 26,000 metal fans were brought together online in the biggest ever digital moshpit. Everyone who voted for “De Zwaarste List” [The Heaviest List], the annual highlight of the heavier work on StuBru, was given a place in the pit via a metal avatar. With the digital moshpit the metal community got that unique feeling of togetherness again for a little while. The competition was commented on live on StuBru and is now organised annually thanks to the success of the first edition.

The jury on Last Metal Standing:

“This project brings an entire target group together in a virtual environment without losing the fun content of the real life experience.”

What does this award mean to you?

Mutant: A campaign rewarded with a Henry van de Velde Award is an honour for Mutant as a creative studio. Design is part of Mutant’s DNA, and is a broad discipline. The interesting thing about these awards is that the jury comes from various sectors and not just from the advertising world.

How did the idea for this project come about?

Mutant: “De Zwaarste List” is StuBru’s annual metal special. Metal gatherings are extremely important for the metal community which is why we had to activate them to participate in this list. We began from two starting points: 1. Metalheads mosh. Even though a moshpit seems an uncontrollable and dangerous activity for outsiders, for many metal fans it is the place where they come together, mosh and can completely be themselves. Unfortunately, metalheads have had to miss out on this feeling for the second year in a row. 2. Metalheads game. They have a strong presence in the gaming and coding world. StuBru decided to use these insights to attract a larger audience to “De Zwaarste List”. This list consists of 666 songs chosen by listeners.

What makes the project so special?

Mutant: There were 33% more participants than the previous year. We also brought together more than thousands of metal fans online in the biggest digital moshpit ever. Everyone who voted for “De Zwaarste List” got a place in the pit via a metal avatar. With the digital moshpit we gave the metal community that unique feeling of togetherness and we offered perspective. Because the last person standing in the moshpit won an eternity pass for 666 years of Graspop Metal Meeting. The project is now repeated annually.

Last Metal Standing