Interieurrenovatie Thalys Ruby

Yellow Window & Matali Crasset
4 x 3 x 200 m
Newly applied: various materials to be separated, in particular: fabrics and carpets on a mainly wool base, extrusions in aluminium, sheet metal, castings in magnesium, rubber, HPL, film, polyester, electronics, AV and interfaces
all kinds (extrusion, sheet metal processing, die cutting, injection moulding techniques, surface treatments, film applications, upholstery, etc.) and manual work

Sustainable interior renovation and improved travel experience of the Thalys Ruby.

Interior renovation Thalys Ruby
Interior renovation Thalys Ruby

The changing world (and mobility world) requires us to anticipate how we will live and travel tomorrow. An interior refurbishment for Thalys trains was needed to improve the travel experience and strengthen its positioning and range in relation to aircraft and vehicles. Yellow Window has designed a series of innovations in the areas of comfort, services, functionality and travel experience, including new seats and amenities in the user’s immediate vicinity and more options for luggage. At the same time, capacity was increased to meet growing passenger demand.

The jury on Interior renovation Thalys Ruby:

“The renovation created a pleasant experience space with a great sense of comfort. A warm cocoon that focuses on an experience for travellers.”

How did the idea for this project come about?

Yellow Window: Thalys has made the trade-off between buying new or renovating. Opting for the latter, Thalys launched a competition for a designer, to which Yellow Window responded with an approach to Thalys’ brand evolution and passenger experience. Building around the strengths of the train and the brand, weaknesses were addressed through strategic interventions. Maximum impact was created with minimal changes.

What makes the project so special?

Yellow Window: The timelessness of the project. Surely Thalys is a symbol of that, with some trains heading towards 30 years. It is special to be able to add another decade of value to train travel, including updating the travel experience where the new lighting gives a more spacious feeling on board, and via facilitating more hybrid travel where the back of the seat in front of you creates a 'home office'. It also created space for 7.5% more passengers and 15% more luggage.

How does it contribute to a better world?

Yellow Window: The lifespan of the train was extended for another ten years, and the material choices on board were taken very consciously. Above all, a more attractive Thalys wants to have an impact on more sustainable mobility: there are still too many short-haul flights in Europe, while Thalys is an excellent and much more sustainable alternative up to 500 km. And of course, much less long-distance car travel.