Pars Pro Toto
Anglo Belgian Corporation
230 x 400 x 156 cm
VO coated polyester, metal inserts, glass wool with bitumen insulating mats
Polyester moulded, polyester hand lay-up, lasered, folded and welded steel structures

EVOLVE 4EL23 is a medium speed multi-fuel engine facilitating transition from fossil fuel to zero-carbon fuel.


With EVOLVE 4EL23, Anglo Belgian Cooperation developed the very first medium-speed multi-fuel engine, facilitating the transition from fossil fuel to zero-carbon fuel. In addition to the technical ingenuity of this fuel engine, the protection designed by Pars Pro Toto protects both engine and operator from damage or injury and reduces heat, noise and vibration. The motor housing meets all ergonomic needs. Compatible with different fuels, the EVOLVE 4EL23 is more efficient in terms of consumption and therefore has lower emissions.

The jury on EVOLVE 4EL23:

“The modular integration of various less polluting fuels makes this design a sustainable response to the transition currently facing shipping.”

What does this award mean to you?

Anglo Belgian Corporation: We have focused very hard on research, development and innovation in recent years. This award is therefore a great acknowledgement of the major investments and hard work we have all put into this new engine. This award also allows us to generate additional brand awareness so that we can attract new customers.

How did the idea for this project come about?

Anglo Belgian Corporation: For over 100 years, Anglo Belgian Corporation has been developing innovative power generation systems for both energy production and goods transportation. Our commitment is always to the customer and is focused on helping them make future-oriented choices. The state-of-the-art technology used by the engine also needed to be reflected in the design. The attractive design is also functional: it isolates acoustically and thermally at the same time and it displays the machine’s status to the operator at a glance.

What makes the project so special?

Anglo Belgian Corporation: With the EVOLVE 4EL23 we are opening a new path to a green future for maritime transport. We are presenting the internal combustion engine of the next century, irrespective of fuel. What policy reforms can we expect in the future? How are fuel prices evolving? What fuel will be available in my region? Nobody knows what the future holds... EVOLVE provides answers to uncertainty and unpredictability. It allows our business partners to evolve flexibly towards zero emissions. The futuristic look of the engine is unprecedented within our industry. It highlights the future-proofing of the product that enables zero emissions while maintaining high-performance energy.

How does it contribute to a better world?

Anglo Belgian Corporation: This four-cylinder medium-speed, fuel flexible engine is designed to run on both liquid and gaseous fuels. In addition, the 4EL23 can in time easily be converted from liquid fuel to dual fuel or to 100% zero emissions on hydrogen.