CoMoveIT Smart

Comate & Voyager
CoMoveIT, spin-off KU Leuven campus Brugge
180 x 190 x 20 mm / 230 x 10 x 100 mm
Visco 50, Stainless steel 304, PU ABS
Vacuum casting, folding, cutting

CoMoveIT Smart is a smart control system for electric wheelchairs to help users struggling with the conventional joystick.

CoMoveIT Smart
CoMoveIT Smart

CoMoveIT Smart is an intelligent operating system for electric wheelchairs to help users who have difficulty operating an electric wheelchair with the conventional joystick. The system uses pressure sensors in head and foot control pads on the one hand and artificial intelligence on the other to recognise involuntary movements of the users and consequently, continuously fine-tune the wheelchair’s controls to better suit the users. The design of the operating system, developed by Comate and designed by Voyager, creates independent personal mobility, freedom of movement and autonomy for users, making a world of difference for them.

The jury on CoMoveIT Smart:

Much appreciation for this smart and ergonomic operating system that increases the autonomy and quality of life of the wheelchair user.

What does this award mean to you?

Comate: Thanks to the visibility this award creates for our solution, the product can become better known among not only the target group but also their families and healthcare professionals, and demonstrate that there is indeed a solution. Equally important is the granting of this prestigious design award for our target group and users. Combining new solutions, new technologies and clinical insights into a unique product is important and delivers unique results. In addition, it also highlights the importance of attractive design within medical devices. People with complex disabilities like these want the necessary functionality and also that they look good. This award highlights the importance of these different facets. 

How did the idea for this project come about?

Comate: During active rehabilitation and physiotherapy with people with complex movement disorders, Professor Elegast Monbaliu became convinced that there had to be a better solution for personal mobility. Three departments of KU Leuven - Rehabilitation Sciences, Industrial Engineering and Biosystem Engineering - joined forces for a research project on mobility among people with severe cerebral palsy. Their research led to a high-tech head-foot control system for electric wheelchairs, combining AI and clinical pattern analysis. The result is an evidence-based development of an academic prototype, with unique features that meet the needs of people with severe motor disorders. CoMoveIT translated the prototype into a fully-fledged product.

How does it contribute to a better world?

Comate: During a recent test of the CoMoveIT Smart system, a boy reached a level of mobility he had never experienced before. The parents and therapists who witnessed the test saw him play hide-and-seek with his classmate for the first time in his life: giving them goosebumps! This is the change CoMoveIT aims to achieve: life-changing mobility for people with severe motor disabilities. Thanks to CoMoveIT, people with complex movement disorders can achieve the highest possible independent mobility despite their severe motor disability. This enables a big step towards independence, participation and a higher quality of life.