Bedja Design

Cocom is a mobile application for flexible rental and rental of spaces for day use thanks to space sharing.


Cocom stands for “COnnecting COMmunities” and is a space sharing application for flexible renting and leasing of spaces for day use. The app, designed by Bedja Design, aims to make the most of available space on the one hand and give people access to the space they need on the other. By accessing and exploiting existing space in a dynamic way, it can be offered as a service, “Property-as-a-Service” (PaaS). The app can be downloaded for free by Hosts and Guests alike. The user experience of this digital application mainly focuses on the flexibility and self-development for the user, both professionally and individually. 

The jury on Cocom:

“This digital and highly accessible service responds to the tangible need for flexible space in our society.”

What does this award mean to you?

Jafar Bedja: For anyone who has contributed to the realisation of this project - the believers, users, locations, partners and the Cocom team - this award is a huge reward. We are very grateful for this. The accolade of a prestigious award like this is a great result for all the hard work invested in the project so far. In addition, the approval of the judges also provides a huge motivation and confirmation that we are moving in the right direction.

How does it contribute to a better world?

Jafar Bedja: We want to optimise with Cocom. Preferably in as many areas as possible, resulting in only winners. We therefore strongly believe in the win-win ratio of our platform. Cocom’s circular approach provides a regenerative, sustainable business model in which “Hosts”, “Guests” and “Cities” all experience a benefit. In concrete terms, this means that vacant or underused space can be offered by Hosts to Guests who need it. Cities as a whole can do more with the space available, reducing the need for additional building.

Do you have any further plans for this project?

Jafar Bedja: We’ve been compared to Airbnb before, we have been called the “Airbnb of day spaces”. Since we have a digital application that is perfectly scalable and since residing, living and having the space to do so is a global challenge, we are positive about expanding abroad. At the moment we see an organic demand from the Netherlands because the property market is already a bit more advanced and such solutions are very welcome. So our start in Belgium is a good one, but the options are huge. It would make us very proud to conquer the world as Belgian market leader with Cocom.