Yellow Window
300 x 1.000 x 450 cm
circular materials: steel, limba wood, cellulose insulation, etc.
welding of steel structures and modular timber construction, production 100% solar-powered

Cango is a mobile care home that reduces the burden on both the care provider and the person in need of care.


Cango is a mobile care home designed by Yellow Window for Hahbo and consists of an entry-level model that can be fully adapted to the needs of the user. It is designed according to a simple modular concept, allowing different modules to be connected together. Both interior and exterior can be composed according to user requirements. Non-stigmatising, ergonomic solutions to alleviate existing burdens or increasing physical disabilities have been provided. The home can be equipped with all kinds of technological care functionalities. In addition, the home was developed from the circular idea.

The jury on Cango:

“Within the tiny houses market, a specific target group is being engaged. The design is innovative. By creating additional tools for the elderly, they can live longer independently.”

How did the idea for the project come about?

Yellow Window: Yellow Window has in the past developed a full range of furniture and products under the name Tuoi, a brand and range of products that allow people to continue living at home longer, even if they need some support here and there, without stigmatising that home and its residents. It was a logical next step to design an entire home that, in the same philosophy, ensures that people in need of informal care can enjoy it close to their carers. To do so, a mobile solution had to be found to achieve this within the existing Flemish laws and regulations.

What makes the project so special?

Yellow Window: We started from the human point of view when designing. The living experience and the sense of space were central to this. Product development has gone hand in hand with the necessary service design of care and support possibilities and the team has also contributed significantly to influencing and speeding up the necessary policy adjustment to make mobile care homes in the garden possible. It is therefore a unique project for us in which our core competencies - product, service and policy design - have come together. 

How does it contribute to a better world?

Yellow Window: A mobile care home has the enormous added value that informal care can be provided nearby, saving daily car journeys and reducing the sense of loneliness and isolation of the care recipient. In addition, being able to live “at home” for longer reduces the burden on the regular care system, with the associated cost savings. We believe that by offering a fully-fledged living experience, Cango contributes above all to the sense of independence and mental and physical well-being of its resident(s) and thus makes the world more pleasant for them for longer. We hope that in the long term this will contribute to the continued cohabitation of several generations, so that our social fabric is strengthened.