145 x 60 x 77 cm
Gorilla glass, ABS
Time of flight (presence detection), Tuned Rf (usage detection)

Buddy is a smart toilet assistant that provides automatic flushing.


Buddy optimises toilet access by flushing automatically and without touching the control panel after each use. Buddy also handles water in a smart way, with the method of detection automatically suggesting a small or large flush volume. In this way, this application is not only hygienic, but also efficient and sustainable. Extensive research has led to IPEE’s innovative technology being able to measure through the wall of the ceramic, enabling the right decision to be made regarding flushing behaviour based on the right data.

The jury on Buddy:

“For this product, technology has been cleverly used to save on the daily consumption of flushing water. The simple but functional interaction with the user is innovative.”

How did the idea for this project come about?

IPEE: In 2018, we visited a potential partner for our urinals in Los Angeles, one of the driest regions in the US. At the time, sustainability was not our main point of focus until we saw first-hand how bad water wastage was. In fact, at LA airport, we discovered that the infra-red automatic toilet flushes were flushed multiple times for a single use. A quick calculation provided the proof: that sanitary space consumed up to 170 Olympic swimming pools too much per year! A huge waste of water, and this in a region that is experiencing a severe water shortage. We felt we should not be blind to such an attack on the environment - and the future of future generations. And that is what happened.

What makes the project so special?

IPEE: Today we are all committed to reducing our impact on the climate. And yet we often overlook one sector: our sanitary facilities. It’s remarkable when you know that 2.5 billion people use the toilet every day, three to six litres of water per flush, and drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce. Most innovations in sanitary facilities focus mainly on comfort. IPEE is not a sanitary builder, but an impact maker through technology. We want to do more for people and the planet. Thanks to our advanced applications, we not only create more comfort for the user, we reduce water waste and thus contribute to a sustainable planet.

Do you have any further plans for this project?

IPEE: This is just the beginning of our innovative efforts. We are convinced that the future, and that of sanitation in particular, is sustainable and smart. Our plan? Making our technology even more efficient and accessible to everyone. We can only make an impact and really stop water wastage if the technology is widely adopted. We therefore want to ensure that at least one “smallest room” in every house can count on the help of Buddy. The wider the reach, the greater the impact.