Biodiversiteit in bos, stad en tuin met resthout

Brent Neve & Giel Dedeurwaerder
Bos+, Flanders DC, Hout Info Bois (Wood Design)

For the project Wood Design the research platform Utilise.objects seeks aesthetic solutions with waste wood. The designs specifically contribute to biodiversity within the more urbanized living environment such as parks, gardens and in an urban context, without tapping into new resources.

There are a huge number of organisms involved in the decomposition process of dead wood. The main goal of this project is highlighting the importance. The duality of this project is the direct result with objects for the private garden and the indirect result with installations for cities and towns that take on an awareness-raising role for society. With a wall, floor and standing object Utilise.objects obtains innovative and functional designs that will each in turn serve other species. These aesthetic and functional elements will be continued in ephemeral installations, working on projects with cities and towns. An artistic, thematic installation with urban greenery for the future.

This project has been realised in the framework of Wood Design, a project of BOS+, Flanders DC and Hout Info Bois with the support of Vlaanderen Circulair.