Velda Resleep

Veldeman Bedding R&D team (Kevin Martens e.a.)
Veldeman Bedding nv
combinatie van hout, textiel, metaal en kuststoffen
combinatie van houtbewerking, stoffering, kunststofinjectie, 3D printing en manuele assemblage
With the Velda Resleep concept, Veldeman Bedding is introducing the first 100% circular sleeping system in the international furniture industry, making it the leader in its sector.

And it’s not arriving a moment too soon when you know that sleeping systems make up 10% of our waste mountain. Today, mattresses and beds are very difficult to disassemble, and most of the materials used are not recyclable or reusable.

The Velda Resleep box spring, mattress and topper were developed according to the Cradle-to-Cradle principle (regeneration or second life possible) and are part of a far-reaching circular innovation trajectory in which “no staples, glue or PU foam” is the touchstone in the process.

The product is designed in such a way that the various different components or materials are assembled using the company’s own patented connecting techniques that make permanent connections redundant. This ensures that the product can be reduced to small, easy-to-transport parts that are also “pure”: 100% recyclable or reusable. The materials used have been reduced to an absolute minimum and they all have a low environmental impact. In other words, Veldeman Bedding has made design for disassembly its number one goal. There have been no quality compromises and no loss of comfort. Worn parts can be replaced and the bed can be reupholstered on site.

A key trump card of Velda Resleep is the unique, durable pocket spring core that Veldeman will produce itself. The patented technology ensures that these cores can be produced without any use of glue whatsoever.

By 2030, Veldeman Bedding is striving towards an entirely sustainable energy and production chain. The circular starting point for this in the product range is Resleep. The design also makes for a product that is easier to put together. In this way, Veldeman Bedding hopes to lower job thresholds and to offer an answer to the problem of employment shortages in the bedding sector, which has existed for many years now.