Studio Dott.
Bao Living
afhankelijk van de indeling (opstelling in showroom 3,0 x 4,2 x 2,6 m)
voornamelijk plaatmateriaal op basis van gerecycleerd hout
voornamelijk schrijnwerk
In order to make the residential construction market more affordable and sustainable, Studio Dott., together with start-up BAO Living, developed a new, revolutionary method that brings all utilities in an apartment together in one smart adaptable module (SAM).

“As more and more people live in cities and housing units inevitably become smaller, solutions are needed to be able to build in a faster, more affordable and more sustainable way”.

SAM (now patented) concentrates everything concerning heating, water, electricity, ventilation and domotics into one module - all of the devices, the piping and wiring, as well as the contact points. This module is not a fixed design, there are 18 different cabinet modules that can be adapted to the space available.

Bao Living produces the modules in an automated production environment. This is one of the reasons why the installation is about 30 percent cheaper compared with the traditional ways of installing utilities. Thus, SAM provides economies of scale, the on-site installation takes less time and the remnants are recycled. This also makes the modules a lot more sustainable.

“Not an unnecessary luxury, because the construction sector today is the most energy-intensive, the most polluting and the most wasteful sector in the world. If we are going to build more, we also need to build differently”.

By making the modules easily adaptable, architects can integrate them perfectly into their building plans without losing creativity. And because fewer interior walls are needed, they can make optimum use of the available space. Plumbers and electricians install the utilities much more quickly and efficiently and can also perform any updates and repairs more easily. They no longer need to break into walls, but can simply open the module. This spares the residents a lot of misery.

Bao Living has already opened its first showroom in Turnhout and has invested in the further development of the modules. In time, they will be bringing them over the border.