My Add On
hoogte:13,6cm ; diameter: 3,2cm
Silicone (non-tear)
dunwandig spuitgieten van silicone

The MySleeve is a silicone stocking that you roll over the hand grip of your crutch thus solving some of the greatest frustrations of crutch users, namely sore hands and fallen crutches.

Crutches have remained unchanged for decades, as have the associated complaints. The grandmother of Maria, the designer of MySleeve, pointed this out clearly to her. Her grandmother had to use crutches for a while and all she did was complain about those crutches. A broader survey was then launched amongst various crutch users to identify the specific problems they faced and to find a suitable solution.

And what was the outcome? The same problems were cited over and over again: pain in the hands, often leading to blisters, and the clumsy crutches falling on the ground 20 to 30 times a day. It is not easy to pick them up again if you have trouble walking. With crutches, simple tasks such as opening doors, picking up a mobile phone or carrying keys suddenly become much more difficult. As a result, crutch users often opt to remain at home as much as possible, or to ask for help. Fortunately, the MySleeve - which fits on almost any kind of crutch - changes that!

But how? For the sore hands, a gel patch is provided that distributes the pressure points of the hand evenly, making pain and blisters a thing of the past. To counteract the problem of falling crutches, a magnet is integrated into the top of the MySleeve. This makes it possible to click both crutches together quickly and easily, so that you can simply lean them against the wall, chair or your own body to make your hands free without the crutches falling over. It is a simple design that solves major problems.