Handtassenlabel Lies Mertens

Lies Mertens
100% chrome free water resistant biodegradable leather and lining
hand stitching
By hand
Lies Mertens is a qualified graphic designer, but because she was unable to find a handbag that was simple and timeless, yet attractive, of high quality and practical, she decided to design some herself.

The label originated from the idea of combining efficiency and simplicity in a sustainable way.

They are timeless and very functional bags made from high quality materials. Because only a limited number of bags are added to the collection each year, there is room to really focus on the aesthetics and convenience. Lies Mertens sees her bags as “the perfect partner” for the active woman. They look very simple, beautiful and timeless, but they are much more than just aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the uncluttered organisation, which provides space for laptop, smartphone and chargers, each of them has become a very functional accessory.

Because Lies believes that products should make an impression especially by minimising their impact on the world, she tries to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible. She uses leather that, for a number of reasons, is unique. The bags are made from remnants that would otherwise be disposed of as waste, which means that no additional animals have to be slaughtered. Moreover, the leather is dyed using a combination of two methods, without chemicals but with natural products such as resin, and which also age beautifully. Of course, tanned leather normally develops blemishes over time. But not this leather, because it receives a coating that is also based on natural materials. This enables her to create a high quality leather that is 100% biodegradable whilst minimising its impact on the environment.

The packaging and paper bags are also made of recycled materials. Furthermore, Lies Mertens is constantly looking for solutions to make transport as environmentally friendly as possible and she tries to be CO2-neutral by supporting Climate-Care.

And it is not only the materials which are of the highest quality. The working conditions under which the bags are produced are also closely monitored. Lies chose to make use of craft workshops in Portugal where they work according to the European regulations.

In all of this, she also tries to be transparent by sharing her sustainability concept and working method on the sustainability page of her website.