Studio Gooris
Rollogo Limited
56 x 23 x 36 cm
Polyester stof en PC
Plastiekinjectie en confectie

Inspired by the iconic travelling case, Escape is a contemporary trolley that also serves as a light and self-charging mobile office for today’s business people.

What is special are the patented electric spinner wheels that, at a normal walking speed, generate the power to charge all your (digital) devices. The trolleys are also equipped with a suspension system that not only protects against hard shocks, but also makes using them on rough terrain much more pleasant.

A dashboard shows the status of the smart battery and the signal strength between your phone and the battery. The motion detector sends you a notification if your luggage has been moved. Handy for preventing theft if you take a nap during your trip! The app also keeps track of where and when you were last connected with your luggage and offers you the latest and most up-to-date exchange rates when you visit a new country.

Escape is not only “smart” because we have added a battery and Bluetooth to the luggage, but because of the innovative organisation of the space it is simply the ultimate business hand luggage for business people on the move.

The top compartment is easily accessible and, thanks to its unique construction, it helps to store essential travel items in one place and to organise and retrieve them easily.

And there is more. The Escape can be converted into an office. The top surface of the case is completely flat just like a desktop, so you can work comfortably, any time, anywhere.

A magnetic flap gives you easy access to your magazines or books without having to open the main compartment and a separate compartment protects and helps to arrange your digital devices. During the security check you only need to unlock the TSA lock and to partially open the zip to remove them from the trolley.

Still more features make the Escape a special and compact case! For instance, Escape uses the space between the wheels to create a recess for your toiletries bag, freeing up space in the main compartment.

To prevent rumpled outfits in such a compact space, there is a clothing bag that you can hook magnetically to the case.

Not only smart and compact, this luggage is also soft and yet durable. The fabric is extremely hydrophobic. With a little warm water and a damp cloth, the suitcase can be made to look as good as new again.

Combined, these innovations provide a new and stress-free travel experience for business people.