Vanbriel Yuan Design Company (VYDC)
ecothylene®, 100% gerecycleerde plastic
EcoBirdy produces furniture for children made exclusively from sustainable materials and on an industrial scale.

Thinking on a large scale also increases the impact exponentially. The aim with the colourful furniture for children is to increase their “awareness of sustainability” and to introduce them to the circular economy. All pieces from the debut collection of ecoBirdy are made of old plastic toys and are completely recyclable.

Thanks to innovative technologies, the colours are separated from each other and possible contamination is removed. This means that it is no longer necessary to add extra pigments or chemicals. Additional intermediate steps such as compounding are no longer necessary. Instead, we have chosen to keep the source material visible and to produce with raw processed material. The “terrazzo” look designed specially by the designers makes each product unique.

This is done very deliberately to remind the user of the importance of making the best use of our precious and limited resources. An accompanying storybook and a school programme were developed to introduce children to the “circular economy” and inspire them to contribute to a more sustainable future. EcoBirdy has a target to recycle 250,000 kg of plastic toys. Because a large proportion of plastic toys only have a short usage life and usually end up in landfills, incinerators or in the ocean.