Collage tableware

diameter 17cm x 75cm hoogte voor de theepot & diameter 8cm x 6cm hoogte voor de tasjes
gietijzer en amerikaanse esdoorn
iron casting en houtdraaiwerk

Collage is a tea service based on the perfect balance between material, shape and proportion and on the idea of using tableware as decoration in the interior and not just to be put away.

Influenced by Japanese design, Giel Dedeurwaerder and Brent Neve designed wooden cups and a cast-iron teapot. The wood in combination with the cast iron gives the design the sustainable, functional and aesthetic character they were looking for.

Within the collective, Giel and Brent have been researching the possible finishes of the material wood for quite some time now. When they studied the food safe finishing they came up with the idea of designing a tea service.

The duo worked in different areas, researching the various possible innovative finishes and processings of the wood in balance with the concept and the form. When tested with regard to food safety, solid Acacia wood provided the best results. In order not to compete with the already existing but very expensive wooden cups, the company also looked for possible industrial production techniques.

They then developed a teapot in cast iron, which contrasts nicely with the elements in the wood. Serax’s technical expertise was used for the teapot. An opening is left in the lid as a kind of chimney through which the water vapour can escape. In a first phase of commercialisation, the collection consists of the teapot and four wooden mugs. Other items will be added to the collection later.