5000 cm x 200cm x 2100cm
steel, copper, glassfibre

XANT M is a midsize turbine for powering communities and industries. A wind turbine that is easy to install, easy to transport and more adaptable to the landscape than other wind turbines.

A wind turbine over its lifetime obviously offsets more emissions than ever used during its production (the “energetic” payback time of a turbine is 6 months or so). The materials XANT use are specifically selected to be as standard as possible so they can all be recycled (standard S355 steel, copper, glass fibre ..). XANT is investigating different blade materials for better recycle-ability.

The design of the wind turbine has a semi-quadratic shape for optimization of material usage (least amount of steel used by quadratic towers) and transportability (tower segments are shipped one inside the other for transport in one single container); the design of the hub is so that material is only used where it is needed.

The turbine uses recycled tarpaulins of trailers of the client’s truck as cover: this is unique way of upcycling in renewables.The swept-back shape allows for maximizing the efficiency while minimizing material usage (absence of expensive, material-intensive servo system) and acoustic noise: form follows function! The turbine is purposely designed to be aesthetically pleasing, blend-in with its environment (through it’s “camouflage” colour scheme) and be extremely silent to enable more renewable power closer to people.