Tam Tam Vuurkorf

Studio Achoo
Ø48 x 80
aluminium, staal
forceer techniek - buisplooien - lassen - lakken

The Tam Tam is a sustainable fire basket designed by Bart Van Houcke (Studio Achoo) and Dwight Warnez (Copain) that can be used throughout the year.

Under the name Tam tam collection, designer Bart Van houcke and Dwight Warnez (The moldmaker) developed a beautiful, durable fire basket, published by Copain.

The product distinguishes itself by combining a pared-down shape with a compact size and great ease of use. The fire basket consists of only two standard parts: a removable round bowl and a solid wire basket. The model is available as a wood basket or bioethanol burner in various colors and materials. It can also be expanded with all kinds of accessories: a tapas grill and marshmallow sticks. Due to its relatively light weight and its limited diameter of 48cm, the fire basket can also create coziness in cozy environments. The flames and any smoke are automatically sucked upwards. The frame does not get hot at the top, so you can move the basket even during the burning.

Copain is convinced that local production and a sustainable design add value. Under the motto 'love where you live', the brand encourages people to consciously choose home-grown products and to appreciate the place where they live.