Pilipili Productdesign & Engineering
9,2 x 9,2 x 1,8
kunststof, glas

Aperi is a digital communication platform that replaces and enhances the classic nurse call system. It provides many features in one module and facilitates the communication between the elderly, the caregiver and family.

This nurse call system and communication platform starts with the basic functionality of a call system, but also integrates the electronic medical-file, domotics, videocommunication,… Aperi is an ideal solution for both residential care centers as well as for seniors who rely on home care. It can be connected to telephony, alarm, fall prevention, social media and various other protocols. Based on open standards, it can be combined with switches, sensors, domotics, RFID protocols, care software and other nurse call systems.

Aperi is a scalable solution that can be completely modular. Aperi, on one hand, serves residential care centers and service flats and is also going a step further by focusing on home care with Aperi Home, which is currently under development. The Aperi Home is an innovative room terminal with touchscreen for nurse calls and care registration, which can be linked to various care registration packages.

From the start of the design process, Pilipili focused on a modular system. The number of base parts of the platform was limited to a plastic front and back, combined with printed glass plates with identical dimensions. In this way, initial investment in tooling could also be limited. The modularity and diversity of the system comes from add-ons so that future capabilities can be expanded without affecting the base module. This means the basic modules are future proof.

Through different iterations a complete product range was built. The total concept consists of four different modules:

  1. The 'Infigo 100' is a wall module that can be mounted on a single mounting box. This basic version has the actual call button, which deliberately is a bit embossed compared to the rest of the device. In addition to the typical red color, the patient has an additional indication of where to push. It is also the only classic mechanical switch in the concept. All other keys are capacitive. Up to 6 different basic modules can be made with one basic housing and using the different glass slabs.
  2. The 'Infigo 200' is a wall module that is mounted on a double mounting box. In addition to the call buttons, this module also has the ability to bring "speech retrieval" into the room. There is also the possibility of integrating a 3.5 "LCD display.
  3. The 'Infigo 500' is a wall module that is mounted on a double recessed bin. In addition to the call button, the device has a full touch 10 "display with all functionalities.
  4. The 'Home' version (under development) is the infigo 500 table variant, designed to offer home care in the future.

A minimalist look was chosen, as it is the most contrasting with the current market and the most consistent with the current architectural trend. Combining the standard housing with different glass plates enables an extreme modular system. The choice for glass also results in a product that is easy to disinfect.

The goal for Aperi was to create a communication tool that connects elderly, caregivers and their families in a simple way, at any time of the day, anywhere. They are ambitious to offer tomorrow's home care technology. In addition to all the functionalities involved in care, therefore, they also looked specifically at better communication.

For example, in Aperi there is a digital backup that allows caregivers and relatives to communicate. They also integrate the Cubigo-platform, which contains a wealth of information for seniors, giving you access to all kinds of quality products, services, applications and information that help you live independently for as long as possible. This offer is tailored to the personal needs of the user.

Aperi stands for openness. Openness in the field of interconnection with all kinds of systems such as telephony, alarm, fall prevention, social media, domotics, etc. But also terms of protocols. This allows users to easily expand their existing system or install a completely new system. Aperi connects everyone at any time of the day, wherever they feel at home.