Tijdcapsules Sigmaplan

Vlaamse overheid (departement Waterwegen en Zeekanaal, afdeling Zeeschelde)
hout, staal, beton
Partly by hand, partly industrial

The polders of Kruibeke were recently set up as a controlled flood plain.

However, this water-safety and maintenance infrastructure can also be used for recreational purposes. To exploit this potential, Stefan Schöning has drawn up a customised map of the Kruibeke polders. The map also sets out a vision of how an optimal balance can be achieved between the specific requirements of a nature reserve and flood plain (and its immediate surroundings) and the expectations of those who use this area, primarily local residents and visitors.

Stefan Schöning has based the visitor facilities on the idea of time capsules: points providing information on the past, present and future of the flood plain.

You will find these time capsules dotted across the polders: a combination of a resting spot or picnic bench, paving slabs and a concrete pillar displaying bite-sized information on the area. This regional information, together with observations and anecdotes from local associations, the municipality and local guides, will help people to really get to know the area.

The visitor plan for the Kruibeke polders is not just about availability, accessibility and shared use, but also about how visitors can experience the key qualities of the area and its surrounding environment in a sustainable manner. It is therefore about integrating the flood plain and nature reserve into their immediate environment. This is why it was crucial for the municipalities of Kruibeke, Bazel and Rupelmonde and their residents to be involved in creating and experiencing the polders in order for a comprehensive plan to be drawn up.