Imaginair RLV

Grada R&D department
Grada International NV
9,4cm x 10,9cm x 10,9cm
BASIS: PP+TPE/gepoederlakt aluminium of PP+TPE/aluminium voorzien van houtfineer
Spuitgieten/overspuiten, lasersnijden, poederlakken
Imaginair RLV - is short for Architectural Residential Air Valve. They involve air valves for homes and offices which lets just the right amount of fresh, warm or cool air in or out.

The design team focussed specifically on noise levels, energy loss, and a discrete, contemporary shape which is also easy to fit. Using a spring- or ring-based mounting system, Imaginair RLV can be installed in both new-builds and renovated homes/offices.

The air valve comes in a variety of designs. An unpainted model is also available which customers can paint whatever colour they wish to match their décor.

Imaginair RLV answers the growing residential demand for mechanical ventilation that provides the best possible air quality. This type of system requires a valve with low air-resistance and a low noise level. Imaginair RLV was also keen to offer an economical and aesthetically pleasing alternative to extractor fans which are difficult to conceal and frequently turn a yellowish colour over time, as well as to comply with increasingly stringent standards as regards energy consumption.

Using an in-depth prototype-design phase on the shape of residential valves, Imaginair RLV has managed to reduce the pressure drop (essentially the air ‘resistance’ and determines the level of energy loss within the ventilation system) by up to 50% compared with the solutions available from its competitors. Its lower air resistance means that the unit is much quieter and can thus be installed in offices, bedrooms and living rooms. And thanks to its double lip seal, Imaginair RLV is also in the top category for air-tightness.