Cides Product Design
540 x 290 x 350
Aluminium + gegalvaniseerd staal + polyamide
sheetmetal + 3D-printing
Since 2007, Bednet has been enabling children and young people temporarily unable to attend school due to illness, an operation, an accident or pregnancy, to continue following lessons online from home.

The class can see a pupil using the Bednet system on a screen at the back of the classroom, while remote pupils themselves can follow the lesson at home via a camera which they can control and use to chat with their classmates.

Bednet already had a remote classroom system: a large, static computer with a screen, keyboard, speakers, a camera on a tripod and a router.

Cides was asked to adapt this solution. Its two key tasks were to: make the unit more user-friendly and easier to install, assemble and maintain, and to make it more mobile - all for the lowest possible investment cost since the system is ordered in small quantities.

Cides has designed a single unit which incorporates all the system’s functions. There are no longer any separate components, making it easier to install and it fits inside the standard containers Bednet already had on hand. The smart placing of handles ensures that the unit can easily be lifted out of its container. Additional handles on the top also enable anyone to move the unit as required.

The unit features standard internal components mounted on a central frame.

This mobile unit enables children and young people who are temporarily unable to attend school to communicate more easily and clearly - and at a higher level - with classmates and teachers. Since it can be used in multiple locations, remote pupils are able to share in more of their class group’s experiences.