AMIS - A'Muze

Saflot creative consultants bvba
Medio’s sàrl
various, all fitting within Ø100 x H60 cm

The Medio’s company asked Adriaan De Bruyne (Saflot) to develop eight play stations for its A’muze collection for use on playgrounds in kindergartens and primary schools.

He got the process started by conducting ethnographic research and a stakeholder analysis. Both of these provided valuable information on the motor and social aspects of children’s’ behavioural lay and identified new needs to be addressed. Based on these insights, several designs were developed and a number of prototypes were tested with children of different ages. Safety, play dynamics, emotional connotations and the social dimension were all taken under consideration. The range is called AMIS and comprises eight colourful, portable components. Children (aged between 3 and 12) are free to come up with their own game rules based on their own stage of motor, physical, social and psychological development. In terms of motor skills, each station poses a number of challenges. Some can even be turned over or around to serve a completely new function. Some will move depending on where the child’s weight is positioned on them (dynamic balancing), while others are completely stable. In addition to the individual features of each station, each different combination of stations and the way they are positioned offers a new ‘course’, and in so doing continues to give children a different experience. This, in turn, stimulates a child’s creativity.

For Medio’s, this product family is revolutionary. The play stations have been a great success and are selling well. They have even enabled the company to break into the international market.

Close cooperation with the mould-makers and the manufacturer have enabled Medio’s to achieve a robust product with a superior finish at the best possible price.

Feedback received also suggests that bullying has declined substantially.