Think in Colour

Dimitri Jeannottat & Hugo Puttaert
MER. Paper Kunsthalle
23,5×17×2,5 cm
Assortment of paper varieties
Think in Colour is a 384-page book dedicated to the multifaceted oeuvre of the Brussels graphic designer and professor Hugo Puttaert.

Rather than being an exhaustive overview, the book provides a kaleidoscopic view of a selection of the output of Puttaert’s studio visionandfactory. Instead of being arranged chronologically or thematically, it is structured by colour in accordance with the colour spectrum. The saying ‘Think in colour, even if you happen to love black and white’ is one of the studio’s trademarks, and it contextualises Puttaert’s view of the social significance of art and design.

Think in Colour, Hugo Puttaert & Dimitri Jeannottat

Following an introductory essay by British design critic Rick Poynor, the structure of the book follows a single common (albeit black and white) thread: a glossary and an editorial blend of text and images by Steven Cleeren, which use reference points to set out Puttaert’s vision for graphic design and artistic thinking. The final section consists of a comprehensive index listing all those collaborators who have at one time worked with the studio. Thanks to its unconventional design, the motto ‘Think in Colour’ remains crucial. With its surrealist content, the book is thus intended for the international market and for anyone interested in the many interfaces between art and design.

This book is also literally a striking illustration of this motto, with its cover in rainbow printing and its coloured pages within. Once warmed to a temperature of 27 °C or higher, the thermal ink layer on the cover causes the black to disappear, revealing the underlying colours and messages.