Afmetingen aanpasbaar in lengte. Profielen: tafel 76 × 100 cm; bank 46 × 50 cm /
Hout (naar keuze) en staal

The Linea, from design studio kuppers&wuytens, is a set of profiles for building a garden table and accompanying bench.

It was devised in response to the problem of storing outdoor furniture during winter.

As a solution, the designer duo developed a table and bench consisting of a set of profiles that are combined with a set of wooden boards. During winter, the profiles can be hung on a storage hook and the wood can be stacked, thus minimising the storage space needed.

Thanks to its design, the size of this table with bench can be made to measure. The profiles are easy to assemble, disassemble and adjust in length. The length of the wooden boards is what determines the overall dimensions. The openings in the profiles are equipped with notches that hold the boards firmly in place. This technical feature also provides the necessary stability and contributes to the overall design. The profiles may be purchased separately so that customers may choose the type of wood and in this way determine the total price themselves.

Linea, kuppers&wuytens

Due to the minimal use of materials and manufacturing techniques, this design can be produced locally. This makes the Linea economically, ecologically and socially relevant at a time when the manufacturing industry no longer seems to have a future.