vzw Kowboy Kaos
170 x 22,5 x 4,5 - 11,5 cm
Souffle is a modern hat rack, made from recycled base slats obtained from used materials at recycling centres.

The surplus of slatted boards is a real problem that this design helps to address. The hat rack consists of 16 hooks (made from used base slats) and a solid beech lath (FSC-labelled wood) that is fastened to the wall invisibly via a built-in element. No lacquer or varnish is used in the finish. The hat rack is a reproducible design making its production well suited to the social economy. The basic materials for the Souffle are sourced locally, and production is local too. The design’s obvious use of recycled parts helps raise awareness in a fresh and new way. The gradual, steeper inclination of the hooks in both directions, away from each other and in respect of the wall, suggests a flowing movement, like ‘a breeze through the grass’.