Concrete (Studio Dott.)
210 x 80 x 80 cm
A whole host of display cabinets can be assembled with the modular Sanaa display system. The exhibition designer can put the standard panels together in different ways to find the most suitable exhibition layout.

Sanaa comes in loose pieces. During transport, the glass panels are protected by unique aluminium frames. These frames are also used for positioning and securing during assembly. Sanaa can easily be put together by 2 people without special tools. The cabinet can be assembled and dismantled time and again using the patented connection system of spring clips, making it ideal for temporary exhibitions, compact storage areas and transport.

Sanaa, Concrete
Sanaa, Concrete

Some exhibits are extremely sensitive and can be serious damaged by high humidity levels. Sanaa uses the same principle of humidity control as is used for cabinets in the best museums: the air inside is sealed in and controlled by moisture absorption packs in the base. The base also contains a fan. The air is gently circulated within the cabinet through a subtle joint.

Sanaa, Concrete
Sanaa, Concrete

The door can be opened by opening the ‘hidden’ locks in the top and bottom corners. Lock and hinge are almost invisible thanks to the blocks glued onto the glass, but allow easy access to the exhibits.

Sanaa is a unique combination of function and beauty, a work of art in itself. In fact, sanaa is the Swahili word for work of art.