Grand Prix

Bart Goderis
70/240, 200/200, 200/250, 200/300, 250/350, 300/400, 400/400, speciale maten op aanvraag, rekening houdend met de breedte van 400 cm
Braided PES yarn, woven on an authentic WILTON or rod loom
As a child, Bart Goderis was fascinated by textiles. Now they intrigue him every moment of the day; they are the thread running through his life.

He is continually looking for new yarn combinations, trying them out a hand loom to find the right structures. For him, weaving is about translating feelings into texture. He is always trying to create a link between timeless and contemporary design. His immediate environment is a constant source of inspiration when creating textiles. Grand Prix is his latest creation in his quest for new structures.

Bart Goderis saw an intriguing pile of car tyres lying in a scrapyard. When he saw the tyres stacked nicely on top of each other, the link with woven textile was quickly made. From a distance, the tyres looked like thick black interwoven ropes.

In collaboration with a weaving mill/braiding mill, he developed a yarn that visualises the powerful pattern in the rubber tyres. The yarn is built up in various stages. The core is braided black polyester yarn, which in turn is entwined with narrow woven strips.

The result? Grand Prix is a characterful carpet with very strong masculine features; a carpet with a solid appearance that still comes across as elegant and pure.