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Beltag is the winner of the OVAM Ecodesign PRO Product on the market. Beltag is a combined product-service that provides tags (such as key tags, luggage labels, stickers and clothes labels) and covers every step needed to return lost property to its rightful owner.

The anonymous code on the tags creates the link between lost objects of value and services that unite ‘lost’ with ‘found’. The website is the engine behind the operation.

This service tackles a very real problem. A tremendous number of items are lost every day, and at the same time many are found. It is often very difficult, if not impossible, for an honest finder, or the police, to trace the owner. For the owner, it is unpleasant, annoying and even traumatic to lose something of value. Not only that, but many found items end up being discarded unused, while their owner is left having to buy a new product in its place. This system lengthens the lifespan of a product and does away with the need to find a replacement.

Beltag also bolsters a number of other (social) values, such as peace of mind, satisfaction, product attachment and a feeling of security.

The design agency won a cash prize of EUR 4,000 and a trophy for its design.