Buzziscreen, Buzzizone & Buzziboard

Sas Adriaenssens
TecnoSpace (BuzziSpace)
Buzziscreen (200 x 80 cm), Buzzizone (120 cm) & Buzziboard (40 x 80 cm)

Buzziscreen, Buzzizone & Buzziboard is the winner of the award OVAM Ecodesign PRO — Product on the market.

The panels of all three products are made out of an ecological felt produced from recycled PET bottles. The interior consists of a biodegradable cardboard honeycomb structure. 

Because all the parts are flat, their transportation volume is minimal. Sas Adriaenssens receives a cash prize of 4000 Euro and a trophy for her design.

Buzziscreen (200 x 80 cm) is a trendy room divider whose panels are connectable with zippers, making it infinitely adaptable to any situation. This screen is a flexible way to insulate you from ambient noise and create partitions. It can be used both at home and in the office to create a cosy or functional corner.

Buzzizone is a half screen (120 cm) designed for room corners. Its different parts slide in and out of each other easily and are held together in an ingenious way using Velcro. This lightweight and easy-to-install screen is a great decorative solution for both the office and the home, where it can be used to create a separate corner for children, a workplace, but can also function as a message wall, sound absorber and much more.

Buzziboard (40 x 80 cm) is a magnetic notice board that can be hung on either side of a glass wall without the need for additional fixtures.